Candy Man, 2015 graphite and acrylic on panel

58” x 38”


“The exuberant abstractions of...Tommy White, composed of diverse forms arrayed in rhythmic counterpoint across and around the picture plane, have their source in a vision that manifests what can only be called a childlike sophistication. They subtly depend on a kind of syntax of shapes, as if the linear fragments and burgeoning silhouettes – posed against one another like collage elements but not allowed to touch – were pictograms in hieroglyphic tablets. White’s paintings effervesce with a doubled animation, an animation you can imagine projected on a screen and an animation you can feel percolating throughout life itself. White’s carefully reasoned and yet thoroughly ingratiating paintings aren’t the kind of abstractions your kid could do; they’re the kind of abstractions your kid should do.” 

    ~ Peter Frank  

Senior Curator, Riverside Art Museum, California

and Critic, Huffington Post

above editorial appeared in Fabrik Magazine

Tommy White © 1993 - 2017

All Rights Reserved.

Tommy White lives and works in Denver, Colorado

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